Choosing an AIESEC Internship for your Year Abroad

When deciding whether to work or study, especially if they have their sights set on somewhere beyond Europe, many people go for the studying option as the idea of finding yourself a work placement, sorting out a visa and flying halfway across the world without the support of a university can be pretty daunting. This … More Choosing an AIESEC Internship for your Year Abroad

On Paradise

On a year abroad, you have the opportunity, and are in fact required,  to go somewhere exotic, with a name that conjures up visions of beauty and mystery in the heads of those enduring an English winter. The very word ‘Brazil’ for me has always been associated with colours, samba, sun and people that really … More On Paradise

The Festa Season

Apologies for the lack of photos, I am in the jungle and there is no wifi.  My first Christmas away from home ended up being far easier than I thought it would. I was rather dreading the homesickness to be perfectly honest. Knowing that my family was together and all my friends would be around, … More The Festa Season